The X Stone is a large boulder on the outskirts of Cityopolis, in the country of Landia. It is located on a big


grassy hill, known as the X Hill after this stone, overlooking the Hyperborean Sea. The stone gets its name from the big x-shaped hole in the north-western part of the rock that leads to a cave.

The stone is also the home of Mister Jisk.

Geology Edit

The stone is a piece of glacier erratic, and it is the biggest piece of glacier erratic in all of Landia. It probably came from the heart of a now collapsed mountain in the Unalps.

The stone is limestone and contains at least three fossils, all of which are Nautiloids.

The Cave Edit

The x-shaped hole leads through the stone into a depression in the ground. The hole is large enough to be crawled through. In the first century, the cave was lined with plaster so it could be used a cistern for rain water. They also dug it out some more, and to prevent it from collapsing, they added a stone column of the Ionian design.

Fred's Frescoes Edit

In the 1300s, the plaster was falling apart, causing the water to leak, so a local Noble by the name of Fred von Gryburg decided to repair it. Since he was plastering, he decided "might as well add frescoes," and so murals depicting him doing swag were added.

The painter later came to look at them, but he was old and died, and later his bones became Mister Jisk.

2015 Rennovation Edit

With Mister Jisk becoming influential, it was decided that his home would become the top court. As such five chairs, and a Rococo style desk were dragged in. The desk has some pietra dura depicting angels and mushrooms.