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Landia is very beutiful

Landia (Landian: Ljando) is the most civilized part of the planet known as Earth. It is a nation-state in the continent of Not-Europe. Its capital is Cityopolis.

Humans live there in harmony as of 2034, though bloody feuds, such as the Vruv wars, have happened there. The president of Landia is Will Illans.

Government Edit

Ever since the 2034 constitution, Landia has been a partially devolved democracy with a unicameral legislature called The Dubop, an executive council lead by the President, and a judicial system eternally headed by the immortal Skeleton king, known commonly as Mister Jisk.

The Dubop Edit

The Dubop is composed of fifteen people voted in via the "alternative transferable vote" method of voting. These elections happen every twentieth Saturday, and each member is prevented from running for more nine consecutive terms. Upon getting elected, the new members must swear in; the usual procedure of such has the oath be the poem, "Ode to yeast", and it is sworn upon the giant boulder on a hill, known as the X Stone.

The Dubop meets on week nights from sundown to sunrise, and in these meetings, they can pass any constitutionally allowed law they wish with a simple majority. These meetings are usually conducted and kept in check by the chief of the Dubop. To become Dubop chief, one must be a Dubop member and be so charismatic so as to convince everyone else that you already are.

The Executive council Edit

The executive council members are all chosen by the president with the consent of the public forum, which is fancy way of saying that the president has go up to Main Street and yell out to the crowd "Is it okay if I appoint this person?", and he can continue so long as it doesn't cause a riot.

The president is chosen in a first past the post election where only the poor can vote. Upon being elected, the president serves until either death or resignation. As such, since the new constitution, there has only been one president, Will Illans.

Judicial System Edit

The judicial system of Landia has three layers of courts. The lowest courts are known as district courts. Unlike the next two layers, the outcome is determined by a jury of five, instead of by appointed judges. However, the punishment is decided by the judge.

If there is a mistake made in the district court procedure, it can be reviewed in the appellate courts. Each appellate court has three judges who collectively decide whether to correct the lower courts.

If something happens in the appellate court, they can attempt to get their case seen by Mister Jisk himself. Mister Jisk is the final decider, and only he can overturn his decisions.