The Earth is the third planet of the star known as either Sol or the the Sun. It is habitable and intelligent life residing on the planet are the Humans. Earth has a rich and relatively well-kept history, filled with empires and violence. Currently the Human civilization is getting close to reaching a Type I civilization and has recently conducted manned missions to Mars, and unmanned missions to many other planets and moons in their local star system, known as the Solar System. The planet has a universal measuring system (after the customary system was ended in 2016), known as the metric system. The Celsius temperature scale (0 degrees water freezes, 100 degrees water boils) has replaced the Fahrenheit temperature scale (32 degrees water freezes, 212 degrees water boils) completely, but has run into competition by the Kensianas temperature scale (0 degrees water freezes, 200 degrees water boils).